• Why Stories Beyond Borders?
    • The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is an historic event of unparalleled proportions that will have direct and indirect impact on nearly every life around the globe. Each of us will have different stories to tell about how it has affected our lives. While priority right now is to fight the pandemic and get it under control. There is a need to document this time from everyone’s perspective. Photo stories are the best mode of documenting as it can easily communicate to a wide range of audience.
  • How does it work?
    • simply signup using the given link on the site and furnish your details, We will collect the necessary details to put a plan for you, on daily basis a coordinator will let you know about the topics that we are planning to cover on the given day based on location and situation. Once the stories are submitted it will be reviewed and published , provided there are no objectionable content.
  • Can I submit stories other than the planned one?
    • Yes, you can, if you come across a topic which you think is very relevant to the current context, please go ahead and cover the story.
  • What are the precautions I need to take?
    • Of course safety first, always ensure that you are wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance from people at all the times. As much as possible try using your own vehicle, carry water and essential snacks in your bag rather than buying it from random places. Also while shooting a subject please ensure that you are not obstructing the activity and you are not being offensive in any manner to the people or officials around. Please avoid captures which will be offensive to any religion, sect, society or set of people. Try to be very honest about your captures and the background story you gather. Make use of your commonsense and presence of mind all the time to asses a situation or incident.
  • How do I get the permissions to move around?
    • Once signed up one of our coordinators will reach out to you and get the documents needed to get the permissions and make it available to you with the necessary instructions.
  • What support do we get from Stories beyond borders?
    • We will ensure the necessary permissions to move around, we will be informing you in advance about the stories to focus on and the significant pointers regarding the activities planned by various departments for the day. Your work will be featured with credits given to you. You will be able to build your portfolio and get a lot of audience and attention for your work. There will be 2 kinds of work volunteering will be the mode for government departments related documentation but there will be other associated projects coming from agencies which will be paid. Having sadi that we are trying to arrange a stipend and travel allowance for all your assignments based on the terms and conditions communicated with you in advance.

Here is your chance to make a difference with your photo stories…

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Social connections during social distancing through Stories We are all facing a time in our lives that is unusual, uncertain and scary. When in times of trouble, humanity has always turned to one another. This time, we are all inside our own homes, distanced by everything except the internet. In these times, stories are the force connecting us to others. We are a group of friends attempting to narrate these through photo stories. You are welcome to contribute to these stories by signing up.


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